8 Best Gyms in Orchard and CBD Area

8 Best Gyms in Orchard and CBD Area

Best Gyms in Orchard and CBD Area
Avante Gym & Yoga

If you are looking for a suitable gym in the Orchard and CBD area, this article should help you all the way.

In the following paragraphs, we have tried to share our expert thoughts on the best gyms in Orchard and CBD area. Here are the best 8 ones.


If you are looking for a gym that specializes in personal training, LEVEL is just the right choice for you. The studio was established almost a decade ago and focuses on holistic and functional fitness. Unlike body transformation gyms, you won’t find any promises for rapid weight loss or calorie-controlled diets at LEVEL. Instead, LEVEL emphasizes five key pillars that rise from a base of strength and conditioning: functional fitness, women’s health, strength and conditioning for seniors, mobility, and physical rehabilitation. Their motto: “I train so I can.”

LEVEL Studio

The best thing about LEVEL is that the studio comprises some of the best coaches renowned across the globe for different disciplines, like Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, Calisthenics and Mobility. The studio offers 50 small group classes a week with a maximum capacity of 8 persons; as well as one-on-one or small group personal training. The studio has shower and towel facilities, as well and most clients say “the gym smells AMAZING.”

Location: 137 Telok Ayer St, #01-03, Singapore 068602


Now comes a different kind of gym. All the previous ones were where you could relax, do light exercises, and so on. But Ritual is especially known for its intense workouts in a brief time. In fact, their motto is spending only 30 minutes a day with heavy sweating. So, if you are on a schedule and still want to do your time workout each day, Ritual is your go-to. Ritual also offers to book through their app. Also, paid trials that last for a week or two with unlimited access are available making sure you know what you are getting into before you pay the whole subscription fee.

Location: 270 Orchard Rd, #03-01, Singapore 238857

Anytime Fitness

The first thing you want to know about Anytime Fitness is that it is an award winner gym. No wonder why it made our list of the best 8 gyms in Orchard and CBD area. Next, it has studios spread all across the country. So, the accessibility should not be a concern. Also, Anytime Fitness has thousand more studios across the globe. So, if you are a member in one studio here in Singapore, you can participate in any other studio on the other sphere of the earth. The gym allows you to have free classes so you can determine their quality of service before you go for a paid plan. Also, these health plans come with quite handsome discounts.

The Gym Pod

With the motivation of getting better, healthier, happier, The Gym Pod started its journey and continued since. If you are into your smartphone and trying to find your way into healthiness, The Gym Pod is there for you with its mobile app. You can book the pods in the gym and access them through the app, which is available on both Android and Apple devices.

The studio is particularly known for its 3 major specialties. Firstly, it offers privacy to the participants. Specially, the smart booking system through their mobile app ensures that there is no crowd. There are blinds, ensuring additional privacy. The next one is convenience. The studio’s gym pods are operational 24 hours each day and all 365 days of the year. And finally, their costing system. You don’t need to pay for anything that you don’t use.

Fitness First

Fitness First has 17 clubs across Singapore, holding 1500 group classes and more per month. The main theme here is to do work-out in groups. The studio believes that groups during workouts keep everyone motivated. That is why there are groups for different categories. So, no matter whether you are a starter or experienced in the field, you will find the class that fits on your own. Also, there are classes available at different timetables. So even if you have tight schedule throughout the day, you will find a timetable suitable for you. No need to work around the clock to find a suitable time.

True Fitness

This one in our list is a collaboration of yoga and gym. So, if you are into both, one place can give you the benefit of both. True Fitness has personal trainers to train you just the way you want to be trained. Even if you don’t know your limits, the personal trainers will help you determine fitness goals for you. The studios of True Fitness are fully equipped with gym instruments. And as mentioned earlier, you get to practice both yoga and gym at the same place.


This gym in Orchard and CBD area is totally based on their smartphone app. As you book your exercise schedule through the app, you can practice anytime you want as the iGym studios are open 24 hours a day. And as the exercise plans are booked through the app, you don’t need to pay any subscription fees or else. All you need to do is just book the workout, and be present at the specific time.

Finally, there is a huge number of best gyms in Orchard and CBD area that offer quality services. We accommodated the 8 best gyms in Orchard and CBD area in this article. Check out the gyms yourself and go for the one that best suits you. To learn about more best things in Singapore, click here.

Avante Gym & Yoga

As the name suggests, the space is a collaboration of both gym and yoga. If you are a gym person, it is all for you. But if you are more into yoga, Avante Gym & Yoga has something to offer to you. For now, let’s talk about the gym part. To learn about yoga studios in Singapore, click here.

Firstly, the gym portion in this facility is huge in size with its over 5,000 ft space. The huge open space allows individuals to exercise without any hassle. Also, huge space means effective space required for effective training sessions for everyone. Furthermore, the gym offers such exercise sessions that you won’t have to worry about which fitness level you are on. And most importantly, the one I like most, is the shower facilities within the premises that allow you to be completely fresh when you come out of the gym.


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