Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Best Digital Marketing agencies in SIngapore

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Whether you run a painting service or a lighting shop, you can’t ignore the importance of having an online presence in the modern era. The marketing landscape has shifted dramatically, and brands are rethinking their marketing strategies and shifting their focus to digital platforms. 

Singapore is a technological pioneer and has established a dominant presence in the digital world. As a result, finding a digital marketing agency Singapore is easy. These firms offer various services, including website design, digital and social media marketing, branding, mobile application development, and user experience design. The only challenge will be settling for the best ones.

If your brand is actively seeking digital marketing agencies in Singapore to help you elevate your marketing game, you’re in the perfect place. We have rounded the top ten digital marketing services in Singapore.

Best Singapore Digital Agency Services

The following is a list of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore. With a staff of experienced marketers, these organizations can significantly improve your internet presence and boost your advertising initiatives.

Elevan August

elevan august - digital marketing agency singapore
Credits: Elevan August

Elevan August is an advertising agency specializing in developing marketing campaigns for its clients. The company provides multimedia services in several domains and creates Search Engine Optimized marketing copies. The team has spent several years in the industry; thus, they know the best areas of your brand that need improvement. 

Apart from advertisement, the digital marketing company Singapore specializes in graphic design, social media management, and remarketing. This ensures that your brand’s presence is established globally. 


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  • Phone: +65 96981703


eclectica works - digital marketing agency singapore
Credits: Eclecticaworks

When looking for a digital marketing agency in Singapore, you need one that can give your business a new face. Eclecticaworks is one such company that makes it a duty to ensure customer satisfaction by offering top-notch services. This company understands the trend of the digital market and works to direct the right audience to your business.

The team of specialists handles the creation of well-optimized copies to increase conversion rates. Additionally, they offer packages tailored to suit your needs. So, you only have to inform them of your goals and let them handle them.


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  • Phone: +65 8881 3231


digital marketing agency singapore - microtask
Credits: Microtask

You must regularly implement digital marketing strategies and monitor your clients’ behaviour to increase revenue. That means you’ll require a dependable and talented team of specialists capable of completing the task. Microtask can handle all that and more.

Microtask is a Singapore digital marketing agency that handles on-demand marketing jobs. With their staff, clients can rest assured that they’ll deal with every part of the web hosting, rebranding and promoting your business professionally. 

The company functions similarly to a project management platform. However, it has a multidisciplinary staff of digital marketing experts that can manage all of your marketing microtasks for a flat monthly fee.

Working Hours

  • Mon – Fri: 9am to 6pm

Khepri Digital

Khepri Digital - digital marketing agencies in Singapore
Credits: Khepri Digital

Khepri Digital is an excellent digital marketing agency Singapore businesses can trust. Every business has specific needs which must be met before there’s a significant increase in profits. Khepri Digital aims to meet these needs with excellent strategies developed by the best. 

The company handles lead generation, social media marketing, and the creation of responsive and attractive websites. This service ensures businesses, especially start-ups, can establish themselves in their respective industries.


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Pivotree Singapore
Credits: Pivotree

Pivotree confronts marketing obstacles head-on. It serves as a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing and consulting requirements. Its services assist entrepreneurs in reviving their businesses and sustaining their client base through comprehensive consulting services.

Its digital marketing services span the entire marketing journey from brand awareness to conversion optimization. Social media marketing, SEO content planning, corporate branding, advertising, and graphic design are services they offer.


Ence Marketing

ENCE Marketing Group provides you with all of the marketing services necessary to run a successful business. They take customer awareness and marketing engagement to new heights.

ENCE was founded to consolidate the various facets of marketing under one roof. This allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition without seeking out multiple agencies. 

With their quantifiable return on investment system and proprietary Measurable Marketing Matrices and Frameworks, you’re guaranteed results or your money back. Their services include branding, target marketing, promotional budgets creation, and target marketing.


  • Phone: +65 3163 4653

Affluence Public Relations

Credits: Affluence PR

Affluence PR is a public relations firm that specializes in public relations for several upscale retail establishments. This category includes trademark stores, high-end couture boutiques, flagship retail locations, themed dinners or restaurants, dining establishments, and bars. 

They’ll assist you in developing solid relationships with your clients through their customized services. Affluence PR’s ultimate goal is to help you make a significant impact on the world by connecting with potential clients. Services include public and media relations, social media marketing, and Influencer marketing.


  • Phone: +65 3163 4653


Credits: Vintedge

Vintedge provides comprehensive digital services, including digital strategy and planning, campaign execution, and professional technical support. The company’s strength lies in delivering results that meet and exceed its clients’ objectives. Its expert solutions are fueled by in-depth data analysis insights.

Services they offer include web design and application, email design, and marketing automation. Its experts also specialize in mobile app development depending on your business needs. 




Since its inception in 2013, iMedia Consulting has been meeting clients’ demand for high-quality, decision-informing marketing insights. They are confident in their abilities and always begin with the client’s best interests in mind. By putting you at the centre of their strategy, they commit to listening, comprehending, and delivering quality and personalized services.

iMedia believes in a human-centred approach to marketing that will connect with and motivate your customers to purchase and retain. Therefore, the company creates a customized strategy that ensures a high return on marketing investments. Services include marketing and sales training, traditional and digital marketing, web development, and creating marketing solutions.


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  • Phone: +65 6962 1700

Miron Digital

Credits: Miron Digital

Miron Digital is a Singapore-based digital marketing agency. They collaborate with brands across various industries, including fitness, education, and engineering. The team places priority on SEO and outreach, investing the most effort and time while achieving the highest ROI.


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  • Phone: +65 9826 0442


Over the last decade, Singapore’s digital marketing industry has grown exponentially. As a result, there are numerous options for marketing services in the region. We’ve compiled the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Singapore to make your search easier.