Best Moneylenders in Singapore. Comprehensive list of licensed moneylenders (January, 2022 Update)

Best moneylenders in singapore

Best Moneylenders in Singapore. Comprehensive list of licensed moneylenders (January, 2022 Update)

Best moneylenders in Singapore

Finding the best moneylenders in Singapore is the desire of most entrepreneurs or business owners to start or maintain their businesses.

Therefore, you are likely to hear about several private money lenders or licensed money lenders in Singapore if you are a startup. However, the experience you never wish to encounter is falling into the hands of any acclaimed best money lender in Singapore without some legal authorization. That said, the best step to take when seeking financial assistance for your business in Singapore is to get lending aid from a legal money lender in Singapore

List of Best Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore (January 2022, Update)

This rundown of the best private advance authorized cash banks in Singapore supported by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) offers advance residency of as long as four years.

They are recorded as follows, and the request isn’t consecutive in light of any type of rankings:

I-credit licensed moneylender
1.I-credit licensed moneylenders

I-credit is a licensed Singaporean money lender with (S/N0.: 75, License No.:  104/2021) situated in Aljunied, walking from Aljunied MRT. At i-credit, the terms are the same for all Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore, regardless of where you lend – there is just a tiny difference in price/rate. They guarantee human experience; regardless of your demands, you will be handled with respect, not just numbers and statistics like other lenders do. The goal of i-credit remains access to loans and safely too. As a legal licensed money lender in Singapore, they insist on delivering optimum professionalism and attending to every client or customer without biases. The expertise and decorum expected of a financial system. They also provide loans for NSFs and Urgent cash loans for the unemployed.

licensed moneylenders
2.lending bee

Lending Bee Pte. Ltd. is a legal money lending company with (S/No.: 93, Licence No.: 73/2021) and a grounded monetary organization in Singapore,  focused on affecting how individuals access credit. As a legalized moneylender that attracted the honor of MinLaw to direct substitute plans of action for cash loaning, Lending Bee offers minimal-safe individual advances of up to $300K and longer credit residencies as long as three years. They are likewise profoundly accomplished in the red solidification plans. At present, Lending Bee is one of the biggest legalized money lenders in Singapore, with 4 outlets situated at Orchard, Bedok, Toa Payoh, and Jurong East. With numerous long periods of involvement with the monetary business, the group at Lending Bee is outfitted with the capacities and information to comprehend the necessities of their clients and guard them with the best-customized credit bundle. To facilitate the loaning system, Lending Bee has likewise digitalized the loaning system, and all clients will have their special internet-based record worked through, versatile application. They will want to mind their advanced status whenever, anyplace. Along these lines, they’ll have the option to keep away from excessive late reimbursement expenses, thereby evading the headaches of lending practice.

For inquiries and complaints,  Call 6219-1611 to talk with their well-disposed staff today and Click here to visit the website and discover more. 

credit 21, Licensed moneylender
3. Credit 21, Licensed money lenders

Credit 21 Pte. Ltd. is another best legal money lender in Singapore, authorized by the Ministry of Law (S/No.: 37, Licence No.: 62/2021). A private money lender, dedicated to the wellbeing of customers, guarantees straightforward exchanges borrowers with carefully planned credit bundles that accommodate the financial necessities of every customer. At Credit 21, consumer loyalty is their foremost concern, and they have refined their cycles to ensure proficiency and a remarkable conceivable degree of client support. They additionally give minimal financing costs in Singapore just as adaptable reimbursement choices to make our credits more reasonable for their customers. Regardless of whether you really want a massive amount of cash for school expenses or to purchase a resource or more modest totals for crises emerging, for example, redesigns, quick money, or outsider advances, Credit 21 is most certainly your handy moneylender in Singapore. They likewise permit an online credit application entry, where clients use as a channel for an advanced loan application from their homes, workstations, and whenever. After which, the application will be handled within 8 hours, and you will get a moment’s criticism from them. Need quick help? Call 622-11-811 to address their cordial staff today.  Click here to visit the website and find out more.

GS-Credit licensed moneylender
4.GS-Credit licensed moneylender

GS Credit Pte. Ltd. is one of the best money lenders in Singapore with (S/No.: 65, Licence No.: 109/2021) and a staggering contention of 5-star surveys from satisfied clients. From GS Credits several advance loan bundles, constituting low-interest individual advances, foreign loans, bridging loans, and payday loans are available. With these numerous loan packages, It is easy to describe their selling suggestion as exceptional, in addition to their master care for monetarily-stressed people in crises. These processes are fast, efficient, and require less desk work, despite offering moderate chief totals. Assuming you want a more extensive sum, you can peruse their variety of earned credits. The financing costs and residencies are advantageous, so the regularly scheduled payments won’t make an opening in your spending plan. Counting on our dedicated financial experts, making modified reimbursement plans with no secret charges is one of their pride. So, whenever you need assistance critically? Make an online application today. Simply come with confirmations of income and identity to prove your legibility. Call 6563-0321 to talk with their committed staff today.  Click here to visit the website and find discover more.

Katong Credit licensed moneylender
5. Katong credit licensed money lender

Katong Credit Pte. Ltd. is another best money lender in Singapore with  (S/No.: 87, Licence No.: 11/2021. Indeed, it is a private money lender built on trust and integrity, and these qualities have aided in its phenomenal growth throughout the years. As a licensed money lender in Singapore, They’ve amassed a broad clientele from all walks of life, which has helped them become one of Singapore’s most trusted moneylenders. For Singaporeans,  getting a loan with bad credit is a daunting task because the banks will either reject your application outright or charge you exorbitant interest rates. But with Katong Credit, rapid cash loans are offered to help you get cash quickly. Although there are numerous money lenders in the country, they make great efforts to ensure that you are satisfied with their services. Quick loan processing and customized loans are among their offerings. Their entry requirements are amongst the least uncomplicated, and for expatriates in the city having difficulty getting by, Katong Credit also offers good foreigner loans. To speak with a member of their amiable staff, call 6291-2210 today. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

Horison-credit licensed moneylender
6.Horison-credit licensed moneylender

Horison Credit Pte. Ltd. is not just another best money lender in Singapore (S/No. 72, Licence No. 7/2021) but one of Singapore’s most well-known and legally registered money lenders. Taking pride in custom-made financial options to match the demands of every customer. Along with giving immediate and easy monetary solutions. With regular financial crises creeping in and people without a reliable, fast cash source at such times. When getting emergency funds, Horison Credit is sensitive to its clients’ demands. As one of Singapore’s top licensed moneylenders, they adhere to the Ministry of Law’s norms and regulations, particularly when it comes to interest rates and repayment plans. As a reputable licensed money lender in Singapore, they are the greatest alternative for anyone searching for a quick loan for various reasons, including (1) speedy processing, (2) minimal qualifying conditions, and (3) debt consolidation. You may rest easy knowing that they will provide you with a transparent, convenient, and equitable service. Call them today at 6844-2902 to chat with their helpful team. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

.1AP-Capital licensed moneylender

7.1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. is a top professional licensed money lender (S/No. 4, Licence No. 44/2020) and a  credit firm that excels in the authorization and granting of Personal Loans, Business Loans, Education Loans, and Renovations packages. They are made up of specialists that provide customized loans that suit the demands of their consumers. As one of the best money lenders in Singapore, they’ve created financing packages for locals, enterprises, and international visitors. Customer satisfaction is their top goal and service quality as a leading licensed money lender in Singapore and an experienced team. For anyone seeking a rapid and trustworthy loan service, they have amassed professionalism, and you can count on them. Call them today at 6533-5335 to chat with their helpful team. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

U-Credit licensed moneylender

8.U Credit (Pte.) Ltd Is, another legal money lender with (S/No.: 147, Licence No.: 155/2021) delighted to give one of Singapore’s most reasonable interest rates. They are also among the most trusted licensed money lenders for a range of different lines of credit. In getting their loans,  Professionals will walk you through the repayment schedule and processes to guarantee that you get the best deals incommensurate with your income and financial state. In addition to this, they encourage you to compare their rates to those offered by other money lenders before making your final decision. Customers’ requirements are always prioritized at U Credit; thus they will discuss the best loan options with you before any commitment. Generally, always find a licensed money lender that provides a quick loan application, cheap interest rates, a customized repayment plan, and good customer service. U Credit is undoubtedly one of them. Do you need a loan for a foreigner in Singapore? U Credit will undoubtedly come to your rescue if you ever find yourself in a financial emergency and don’t have any reserves for a rainy day. Call them today at 6337-1768 to chat with their helpful team. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

Credit Masters Money lender

9.CreditMaster Pte. Ltd. is a reputable licensed moneylender in Singapore (S/No. 48, Licence No. 35/2021). They are a money lending firm licensed by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and have established themselves by providing 100 percent client satisfaction and unique financial derivatives. Thousands of homeowners in the country have benefited from their assistance in obtaining quick and reasonable loans without having to deal with the hassles of traditional banks. This consistency has enabled them to serve thousands of customers, and they take satisfaction in the fact that the majority of their new business comes from referrals. As a result, they are committed to safeguarding their name as a fully licensed moneylender by providing the best services in the market. Call them today at 6748-1338 to chat with their helpful team. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

BST CREDIT Licensed moneylender

10.Begin with Service & Trust, another Licensed  Moneylender in Singapore with the acronym BST Credit Pte. Ltd. (S/No. 28, Licence No. 140/2020). As a registered money lender in Singapore, they offer fast loans to Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and foreign workers. They recognize that many people face financial troubles and that immediate access to finances is needed to solve these challenges. Therefore they make it their mission to lend a helping hand. Like private money lenders, they are regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore and have aligned their operations with the Moneylenders Act and Rules requirements. As a result, you may apply for a loan with them, knowing that your interests will be adequately protected. You can rely on them to offer you high-quality services.

Call them today at 6299-1782 to chat with their helpful team. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

Credit Thirty Licensed moneylender

11.Credit Thirty3 [Credit 33] is a licensed money lender with (S/No.: 46, Licence No.: 1/2021) in the Ministry of Law’s (MinLaw) Registry of Moneylenders. They offer various quick cash personal loan options to suit any requirement or budget. They attempt to provide their consumers with the most excellent interest rate possible, with rates as low as 1% per month. Their loan officers promptly attend to your requests and complete them in no time so that you can go on with your day’s work. Being one of the most recommended legal money lenders in the Orchard area, they adequately secure their clients’ data. To accomplish this, they employ stringent security procedures with each client in order to protect their personal information. They have solutions and affordable rates so that their clients can be confident in the loan they are acquiring. They’ve also recently relocated to Toa Payoh, only a 1-minute walk from Toa Payoh MRT. Call them today at 6292-2931 to chat with their helpful team. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

Other loan services include

Credit Matters Licensed moneylender

Credit Matters Pte. Ltd. is an adequately licensed money lender in Singapore with (S/No. 45, Licence No. 84/202). They are one of the Ministry of Law’s approved personal loan money lenders for loan and moneylending services. They primarily lend to Singapore residents, PRs, and immigrants with legitimate Singapore work permits. Credit Matters provides a wide range of money lending and short-term cash borrowing options. Thanks to their exceptional services, customers can acquire the money they need in just a few hours and take care of whatever urgent needs they have. Their services go beyond providing quick cash loan solutions and providing the most satisfactory interest rates on the market. Their goal is to provide customized loan solutions in a timely and hassle-free manner to achieve customer satisfaction. They serve all segments of Singapore’s population, including employed citizens, permanent residents, immigrants, and nationals with variable incomes or businesses. Do you require immediate assistance? To speak with a member of their courteous team, call 6636-3233 today. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

Singbusines licensed moneylender

Whether you are in need of a legal money lender or not, not that cash flow issues affect all organizations at some point, specifically young enterprises, until they reach a point of stability. Proper accounting, as well as forecasting, make managing outflows and inflows much smoother. However, you may find that you require additional funds from time to time. During such occasions, SingBusinessLoan is an excellent partner. They may be able to provide you with the funds you need to get through difficult financial situations. They take pride in offering a business loan for any sector in Singapore. Do you require day-to-day financial assistance with your present business? They are here to help you with business finance needs, from paying employees and vendors to investing in new initiatives. Visit the website by clicking here.

Hong Leong Finance Licensed moneylender

Looking for money lenders in Singapore? Hong Leong Finance Limited has over 50 years of expertise serving the SME community and has helped numerous local businesses succeed in the corporate world by providing personalized finance solutions. Hong Leong Finance introduced the Business Current Account in 2007 to enable their corporate customers to improve their business efficiency. It was the first and only finance company to offer chequing account services. Hong Leong Finance is also a pioneer in Spring Singapore’s Local Enterprise Finance Scheme and the only finance company in Singapore with full sponsorship status for the SGX Catalyst Board, allowing us to provide financial consulting and fund-raising services to SMEs looking to list on Catalyst. HLF was twice as successful as a result of our firm commitments to SMEs.

Singapura Finance licensed moneylender

For searches of private money lenders in Singapore, Singapura Finance Ltd is another legal money lending company that furnishes their clients with product information, and their relationship administrators assist clients in settling on an educated loan choice. They discreetly comprehend their requirements and bundle viable arrangements to suit their way of life and satisfy their fantasies. Singapura Finance Ltd connects with their client’s requirements and brings their business dreams into the real world. Being another best money lender, a portion of the advance items they give incorporates lodging advances, (for example, claiming an extravagance yacht), safe store boxes, vehicle credits, gold offer advances, insightful offer advances, land and development advances, and so on For corporate banking,  this money lenders give items, like vessels financing, showroom financing, vehicle financing, hardware advances, and the sky is the limit from there.

Cash Express: Get all the Best Loans Today – Personal Loans With 1-4 Percent Interest Per Month, Quick Approval, plus Instant Cash

Cash Express is your one-stop shop for all of your immediate cash needs. People are increasingly considering their services necessary due to their 24-hour availability and rapid response. The personal loan with a monthly interest rate of 1-4 percent is also not a fad. They collaborate closely with licensed moneylenders and lending groups to ensure that all Singaporeans, Malaysians, and other ex-pats in Singapore can take advantage of the excellent services available. Cash fex-patslow issues are widespread and sometimes inevitable. Here is where you can begin your journey to financial independence. To learn more, go to the website by clicking here.

Leading accredited personal loan money lenders provide loans to those in need. People enjoy working with them since their loans are rapid and the application process is straightforward. There are a plethora of moneylenders on the market who provide similar services. It is, nevertheless, critical to select the correct moneylender for you as an individual. The level of services you receive and, ultimately, the experience you have will be dictated by the Money Lender in Singapore that you use.

To be considered a top moneylender, a corporation must offer a variety of financial loans to Singaporeans, naturalized citizens of Singapore, and expatriates living and working in Singapore. Its ultimate purpose should be to assist its consumers in dealing with any financial difficulties that may arise in their life.

As a result, the lending company must provide a diverse selection of detailed financial products to assist customers in a variety of situations. Most significantly, if a lender is seeking a complete service provider, they can opt for one that provides (1) fair loan interest rates (2) flexible repayment plans (3) helpful customer service (4) financial counseling (5) loan advice and free quotations.

The Ministry of Law has issued some important guidelines for licensed moneylenders.

Singapore’s Ministry of Law has enacted rigorous legislation to regulate the moneylending business and protect borrowers. In October of 2015, this legislation went into effect. You can avoid being cheated by learning these rules and regulations.

The following rules licensed moneylenders must follow:

  • The declining balance interest rate is used to compute loan interest rates. This means that your highest monthly interest rate is 4 percent and no higher.
  • Moneylenders on loans can no longer use compound interest. They must compute the interest on your remaining monthly repayments using lowering balance interest, which means they will use an interest rate of 4% or less.
  • Licensed moneylenders on loans may charge only an administrative fee. There should be no further fees. This fee is payable immediately after your loan application is approved and should not exceed 10% of the principal loan amount.
  • Moneylenders are not allowed to charge more than $60 in late fees each month. Interest rates on late fees should not be increased.
  • Only interest can be levied on reimbursements that are still owed or are past due. Interest should not be charged on debts that have already been paid.
  • The moneylender’s total fees (including administrative costs, late payback fees, and interest rates) must not exceed the allowable principal of the loan you’ve been approved for.
  • These rules were established to safeguard your interests when borrowing money from a moneylender. If a moneylender does not follow these rules, the Ministry of Law should be notified.

Choosing the Best Personal Loan Money Lenders Process

Selecting the best moneylender for you is a time-consuming task. When looking for a moneylender, keep a few things in mind. Among them are the following:

Accreditation and license

Working with a government-licensed money lender is critical. A licensed moneylender has fulfilled the government’s qualifications for doing business in this manner.

This indicates that any services provided by the lender are lawful. It also implies that if you have an issue with a licensed moneylender, you can always contact the authorities because they have a database of licensed moneylenders. Professional organizations grant accreditation, and moneylenders who have it are considered professionals.

Terms and conditions

The contract you sign will be based on the terms and circumstances provided by the licensed money lenders. It specifies the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment schedule. Working with an adaptable moneylender and offering you terms and circumstances that suit your financial situation is recommended. Because the contract you sign is legally binding, you should make sure you understand the terms and conditions.


For their loan services, all legal money lenders will charge you a fee. Before working with a certified money lender, it’s critical to understand how much they’ll charge you. Licensed money lenders determine their prices, so it’s crucial to shop around and choose one that’s within your budget.

You can evaluate the fees charged by various licensed moneylenders before deciding which one to hire.


Your moneylender’s importance is vitally significant. You must select someone with whom you will love associating. Previous customer reviews of moneylenders can assist you to determine the type of person you wish to work with. It is critical to select a moneylender with a reputable track record.

When picking a moneylender, comparing their services is a good idea. This is the most effective technique to obtain fantastic services from many moneylenders on the market.

Important Notice: Avoid Unlicensed Money Lenders in Singapore.

According to the Ministry of Law, licensed moneylenders are prohibited from soliciting loans via text messages, phone calls, or social media platforms.

When offering loans, licensed money lenders must conduct face-to-face authentication of borrowers at their permitted place of business.

An unlicensed moneylender has likely approached you if you’ve received a text message or phone call requesting you to take out a loan without having to go to an approved location.

Unlicensed moneylenders have been contacting potential borrowers via text messages or phone calls, requesting money transfers under the guise of paying administrative or processing fees before the loan is disbursed.

Public members are urged not to reply to such texts or calls and avoid engaging with unlicensed moneylenders.

Report any suspected unauthorized moneylending activities to the Police hotline at 1800-255-000 or online at The “X Ah Long” hotline of the National Crime Prevention Council can be reached at 1800-924-5664.

Even after verifying that a moneylender is regulated and certified, it pays to be cautious when seeking a loan from one. You should not be required to leave any personal documentation with the moneylender. Credit reports are included in this category.

Once the loan officer has verified the information on the documents, they should be returned to you. Moneylenders who try to keep your paperwork are committing fraud.

Never give out your password to anyone. You should log into government websites yourself if you need to. At no point during the transaction should the moneylender ask for your password.

When looking for a loan from a moneylender, be cautious. As a result, your financial interests will be protected. Only do business with a licensed moneylender.

We’ll assist you in finding the best moneylender for your needs. We’ve done all of the legwork for you to find the correct moneylender fast and easily. We’ve performed the legwork for you and whittled down your options to the best moneylenders. You don’t have to waste time comparing agencies to locate the best one for you.

We understand how difficult it may be to find a suitable lender when dealing with financial difficulties. We’ve made it our mission to provide you with the most up-to-date information and reviews about moneylenders in Singapore. From the convenience and privacy of your own home, you can rapidly identify the right moneylender.

Knowledge Corner

Things You Should Know on Borrowing:

Minimum Period for Repayment From 2 months (8 weeks)
Maximum Period for Repayment Up to 4 Years
Minimum Annual Percentage Rate From 1.20% per annum
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate Up to 48% per annum on reducing the interest rate

Sample Representation of Loan:

Total Loan Amount Borrowed SGD 10,000
Time Period * 12 Months
Interest Rate ** 1% Per Month
Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) ** 12% APR or 1% NIR
Total Cost Payable Per Annual *** (Excluding Loan Principle)

Interest Rates may vary up to 4% per month based on the loan amount and repayment length, with a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 48 months. Administrative fees are not included in the total cost payable. The cost indicated is an estimate that may vary depending on the loan amount, loan length, and other expenses such as late fees and late interest rates that may be levied if terms and conditions are not followed.

Please contact the respective licensed money lenders for personal loans above for more details.



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