Guide to Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG Grant Singapore) Laptop Bundle

Productivity Solutions grant Singapore

Guide to Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG Grant Singapore) Laptop Bundle

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) 2021 is an initiative targeted at businesses and companies being operated in Singapore to assist these companies in adopting IT solutions and infrastructures to improve the productivity of such businesses and enhance business operations. As announced in the Supplementary Budget of 2020 by the Government of Singapore, the Productivity Solutions Grant has been increased to encourage businesses to continue their digitization and efficiency improvement efforts.

The Productivity Solutions Grant several industries of the economy, including but not limited to the food, engineering, landscaping, logistics, construction, and retail industries. This Grant also supports adopting industry solutions that cover various sectors such as financial management, inventory management, customer management, and data analytics. The scope of the Productivity Solutions Grants recently expanded with the Laptop Bundle Remote Working Solutions due to the collaboration of the Government with Infocomm Media Development Authority.

Overview of the Productivity Solutions Grant 

The Laptop Bundle Working Solutions enabled by Singtel is possibly one of the most significant solutions available under the Productivity Solutions Grant 2021, particularly since it targets workers and employees working remotely. Moreover, as the world revolves around digitalization, it is almost impossible for any business owner or employee in any company not to have their own Personal Computer (Laptop), particularly in a developed country such as Singapore. As a result, several questions have been raised regarding this particular Laptop Working Solution from business owners as to how to go about applying for the Grant, what the Grant entails, and ensuring one gets the Grant.

Components of the Laptop Solutions Grant

It is important to realize that the Laptop Bundle Remote Working Solutions come with a recent high-end laptop model as the reward of the Grant. Mostly, this laptop comes a whole year Microsoft 365 Business Standard subscription, a year’s ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced for software security purposes, business day onsite support and warranty for three years, a wireless connection mouse, retention service for three years, and a laptop bag for the protection of other hardware properties of the laptop. However, no brand of laptop is guaranteed as the brand is determined by the availability of stock of a particular brand. Also, the allocation is done on a first-come, first-served basis, with no initial booking or selection of brand or model.

Cost Implications of the Laptop Bundle Solutions Grant

The Singtel Laptop bundle under the Productivity Solutions Grant provides a high-end functioning laptop that costs a total of about S$1,795.46, including a Microsoft 365 Business Standard Basic Pack with GST. As a result of the claimable amount stated by the Grant, a total of S$453.06 is the net payable amount for a laptop after the claim has been made. Therefore, it is critical to know that full payment of this stated amount must be done before claiming the rewards of the Grant.

PSG Grant Eligibility for the Laptop Bundle Solutions Grant

As a business owner looking to apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant, the PSG Grant eligibility is key to looking out for before the application process kicks off. Some of the major eligibility criteria are that the business must be registered and functioning in Singapore, with local ownership of at least 30%, the acquisition of Information Technology solutions and laptops required their usage to be within the country, yearly sales turnover of the business is less than S$100 Million, and the business should have less than 200 staffs. In addition, only pre-scoped products from pre-approved vendors can support businesses. Only pre-scoped products from pre-approved sellers can support businesses under the Productivity Solutions Grant. Thus, there is no pre-approved vendor for infrastructures. However, the equipment must at the very least fulfill the provided criteria.

Application Process for the PSG Solutions Grant

Applying for the Laptop Solutions under the Productivity Solutions Grant is simple. First, business owners show interest through an Interest form filling in the necessary details such as the Company Name, Company’s UEN, projected brand of laptop, and the number of laptops purchased through the Grant. Afterward, a dedicated representative then provides a quotation alongside the application form based on the details submitted in the interest form. The Application form is then duly completed and reverted to the representative to secure the acquisition of the laptops.

Then, using the business Corp Pass to log on to the Business Grant Portal (BGP), the quotation slip is submitted on the portal to complete the application for the Productivity Solutions Grant. Although getting approval for the application takes about 7 to 10 working days, business owners can still track their ongoing application on the BGP. After the application must have been processed by the dedicated representative and the laptop has been received, the recipient must submit the claims after making payment through the Business Grants Portal.

Key considerations in applying for the PSG Grant

Business owners must take note of a few things while applying for the Laptop Solutions Grant as these factors could affect the successful approval of the Grant. These include:

  1. Before any order may be finalized, businesses must submit a PSG approval letter with ACRA.
  2. Businesses do not have the autonomy of choosing their preferred laptop brand and model.
  3. A company can only acquire up to 3 laptops.
  4. MacBook Pro is recently available for acquisition, depending on the business needs.
  5. After submitting details for a dedicated representative, it takes about five working days to provide the necessary application forms.
  6. It takes roughly 7 to 10 days for Productivity Solutions Grant to submit and approve the Business Grant Portal.
  7. It is advised that full payment of the payable amount is made.
  8. Make sure you’ve applied to a Giro arrangement with Enterprise Singapore.